Virtual Conference Series by ISGP's "The Forum"

The Virtual Conference Series (VCS) is a novel science communication effort pioneered by ISGP’s “The Forum” which involves collaboration with external groups to convene social media-driven workshops on science-and-society topics. The goal of a VCS event is to use the wide reach of social media to engage viewers in live, online conversations with scientific experts, regardless of their geographic location. Initial events amassed thousands of live views from participants in 75 countries and 43 U.S. states. Find links to archived VCS sessions below, and email Aubrey Paris ( to propose a VCS collaboration.


Archived VCS Sessions


#NextGenFood: Innovation You Can Eat

  • Session 1: "Forum on the Street": Public perceptions of food innovation (from three countries!)
  • Session 2: Discussion on food innovation basics
  • Session 3: Panel on gene editing in the food system (Part 1; Part 2)
  • Session 4: Panel on the science of novel foods and ingredients
  • Session 5: Panel on the implications of novel foods and ingredients
  • Session 6: Interview on global potential


#NextGenMed: Precision Medicine

  • Session 1: Interview on the basics of precision medicine
  • Session 2: Panel on disease predisposition, genetic testing, and diagnostics 
  • Session 3: "Forum Spotlight" on digital health and use of social media to predict health outcomes 
  • Session 4: Interview on the ethics of precision medicine 
  • Session 5: Panel on cancer risk, prevention, and treatment 
  • Session 6: ISGP's "The Forum" podcast on the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) 


Climate Geoengineering: #GeoElive

  • Session 1: Interview on climate change and geoengineering
  • Session 2: Panel on solar radiation management (SRM)
  • Session 3: Panel on carbon dioxide removal (CDR)
  • Session 4: "Forum on the Street": Public perceptions of climate geoengineering (from four countries!)
  • Session 5: ISGP's "The Forum" podcast on geoengineering governance and regulation  


Being Human 2.0: #SynBioLive

  • Session 1: Interview on artificial genomes and proteomes
  • Session 2: ISGP's "The Forum" podcast on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Session 3: Interview on clinical applications of synthetic biology
  • Session 4: Panel on emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, and information technology - Session in Spanish

Hear from a Past VC Partner!

"We worked with ISGP's The Forum to develop a virtual workshop on climate geoengineering that reached 3,000 viewers in 44 countries. The Forum's leadership did a wonderful job organizing the event, which kept the workload manageable for participants (all busy faculty). Not only was the event a huge success, but it provided a valuable training opportunity for how to best engage new audiences through online and social media."

 ⁠— Dr. Stephen Romaniello, Arizona State University (#GeoElive 2017)