About "The Forum"


Socializing with Science Since 2015

“The Forum,” where science comes to socialize, is a biweekly audio podcast produced by a team of female scientists who specialize in contextualizing S&T advances for sci-curious novices and experts alike. Our episodes delve into the scientific background and regulatory environment surrounding topics at the intersection of science and society, often dealing with climate change, public health, food security, and more. Since its creation in November 2015, "The Forum" has attracted listeners in more than 100 countries and all 50 of the United States.


More Than a Podcast

"The Forum" produces two podcast series: the Conference Series (Episodes 1-74), based on post-conference material from the Institute on Science for Global Policy, and the Hot Topics Series (Episodes 75+), based on current events that listeners might be reading about in today's newspapers. Since 2017, our outreach and education efforts also include convening virtual conferences on social media and producing resources to facilitate use of our podcasts in the classroom setting.


Our Host Organization

"The Forum" is hosted by the Institute on Science for Global Policy, or ISGP, a nonprofit think-tank tackling a diverse array of science policy topics. Since its establishment in 2007, the ISGP has pioneered a debate-caucus format of science policy conferences known for their ability to draw participants from all sectors: academia, industry, government, and the public. Conference outcomes are published and, since 2015, have been translated into ISGP's "The Forum" podcasts (Episodes 1-74).

Our Team

Aubrey Paris, Ph.D.


Co-Host, Writer, Manager


New Jersey, United States

@BelleTucker11 (Twitter & Instagram)

Dr. Paris is a Senior Fellow at the Institute on Science for Global Policy and IEEE-USA's 2019-2020 Science and Technology Policy Fellow. Previously, she was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Energy and Climate Scholar at Princeton University, where her research involved the discovery and optimization of catalysts active in the electrochemical transformation of carbon dioxide to chemical feedstocks and fuels. She has also worked on projects related to Chinese financing of coal-fired power plants in water-insecure regions and the future of U.S. nuclear energy in the face of climate change. 

Dr. Paris received her Ph.D. in Chemistry and Materials Science from Princeton University (2019), M.A. in Chemistry from Princeton University (2017), and B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Ursinus College (2015). 

Cleo Warner, M.S.


Co-Host, Writer, Audio Producer


Utah, United States

@adult_grilledcheese (Instagram)

Ms. Warner is a Senior Fellow at the Institute on Science for Global Policy. She is also a research assistant for the Exhibits Team at the Natural History Museum of Utah, where she helps translate scientific research into the designing of dioramas and interactive exhibit materials. Her previous academic research focused on the intersections of climate justice, community development, place studies, and urban food systems. She has worked on numerous socioenvironmental projects nationally and internationally, the latest involving an urban farm in Salt Lake City that employs women facing homelessness.   

Ms. Warner received her M.S. in Environmental Humanities from the University of Utah (2019) and B.A. degrees in Environmental Studies and Literature from Eckerd College (2015).  

Daniela Baeza, M.Sc.


Co-Host, Writer


London, United Kingdom

@dfbee (Instagram)

Ms. Baeza is a Senior Fellow at the Institute on Science for Global Policy. She is also a Project Officer and Researcher at LSE Consulting and a Contributing Researcher with the Economist Intelligence Unit. Her diverse portfolio includes projects spanning health economics and policy, behavioral science, urban planning, labor markets and employment, criminology, epidemic surveillance, and others. She has consulted for the United Nations, European Commission, EU Committee of the Regions, and the Government of India. 

Ms. Baeza received her M.Sc. in International Development Management from London School of Economics (2017) and B.A. degrees in Global Affairs/International Relations and Political Science from Eckerd College (2015).

Diana Tamayo


Science Communication Fellow


Guadalajara, Mexico

@dianatamayo9047 (Instagram)

Ms. Tamayo was a 2017 summer intern with "The Forum" and now serves as a Science Communication Fellow specializing in graphic design. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in biotechnology at Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey, where she is the Image and Communications Coordinator for Youth Biotech. She competed in iGEM twice (2017 and 2018), attended COP13MOP8 as part of the NGO PRRI, and attended GapSummit 2018 in Cambridge, UK, as a delegate for 100 Leaders of Tomorrow. She was also chosen to participate in the Latin American Biotechnology Summit by All Biotech in 2018. Ms. Tamayo is currently a research trainee in the Renal Division of Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Hannah Merges


Science Communication Fellow (On Hiatus)


New Jersey, United States

Ms. Merges was a 2019 summer intern with "The Forum" and now serves as a Science Communication Fellow specializing in high school and college student engagement. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in environmental studies with minors in marine science and anthropology at Ursinus College. She presented her research on the prevalence of Vibrio vulnificus in blue crabs and seawater of the Maryland Coastal Bays at the ERN Conference in February 2019 and currently studies how pollution is driving evolution in Fundulus heteroclitus. She hopes to combine her anthropology background with her passion for marine science in a future career by studying the ways in which different communities and cultures interact with the coast and marine life. 

Samantha Innis, B.S.


Guest Co-Host, Guest Writer (On Hiatus)


Pennsylvania, United States

@dontcallmebeanehead (Instagram)

Mrs. Innis is a former Senior Fellow at the Institute on Science for Global Policy. She is currently pursuing her M.D. at Drexel University College of Medicine, where she is also completing a Medical Humanities Scholarship project, directing the Medical Genetics Interest Group, and serving on multiple institutional task forces. She is a member of the AMA, AMWA, and Sigma Xi, among other professional organizations. 

Mrs. Innis received her B.S. in Biology from Ursinus College (2014).

Invited Speaking



  • Check back soon! To inquire about ISGP's "The Forum" participation in your conference, classroom, or other event/venue, email Aubrey Paris at aparis@scienceforglobalpolicy.org or click here for more.


  • International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) (Louisville, KY): Annual Meeting, Panel: "#FoodSafety: Practical Advice for Digital Communication and Science Storytelling," July 2019 
  • Doane Academy (Burlington, NJ): High school science class visit, May 2019
  • Ursinus College (Collegeville, PA): Innovation and Discovery Center Grand Opening, October 2018
  • Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ): Climate Engineering Governance: Cases for Public Participation, April 2018